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March 2018 - first rubber seminar with customers in peru

Only a few years back we started marketing our products in Peru with our agent KBR Engenieros based in Lima. Since then, KBR have done a wonderful job and developed a nice and fine business. Recently KBR came up with the idea to organise a rubber seminar and invite all their customers in Peru. During the second week of March 2018 our two rubber technologists Jan Kiok and EW Toh were traveling to visit customers in Peru and to conduct this seminar. About 40 people followed KBR's invitation and attended this successful seminar. 

In october 2017 the rubber group of the american chemical society called the rubber industry for a meeting to cleveland, ohio

As usual, ChemSpec, our representative in the US has organised a joined stand with several of their principals. That always has a synergistic effect and works greatly for all the principals as well as for ChemSpec.

Behn Meyer Group and Performance Additives host a stand at the Shanghai Rubber show in september 2017


Customers from all over the world came to the Rubber Show

 All BM and PA personnel were constantly engaged in discussions with customers

All BM and PA personnel were constantly engaged in discussions with customers


Performance Additives jointly held a Rubber technology seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia

On April 20th, 2017, Performance Additives, together with Sin Rubber Tech (master batches), Sabic (polymers) and Münch Chemie International (release agents) participated in a rubber technology seminar organised and hosted by Behn Meyer Indonesia.

During the seminar Performance Additives took the opportunity to provide the delegates a deeper insight into the role of processing additives during the rubber compounding process. The benefits were highlighted by presenting various exciting examples.

One special highlight was the introduction of Performance Additives' latest product development, ULTRA-DFR™ 900, a new generation processing additive that combines Dispersion, Flow and Release properties in one product for most of the commonly used polymers. 

The seminar was a great success. More than 70 delegates from various companies from Indonesia attended the seminar and actively participated in the Q&A sessions. Such event is normally divided into 2 sections, non-tyre (morning) and tyre (afternoon). Behn Meyer's rubber division regularly organises such events for customers throughout South East Asia.

Technical Seminar on Rubber Mixing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

On April 4th, 2017, Behn Meyer Vietnam, in cooperation with Performance Additives, Sin Rubtech and the Ho Chi Minh Rubber Association, held a technical seminar in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on rubber mixing. The seminar offered small- and medium-sized enterprises the opportunity to exchange knowledge with leading experts in the rubber industry. The event saw a turnout of 38 participants.

The first and most important stage of rubber production is the mixing stage. In this seminar, Behn Meyer focused on sharing solutions to support the rubber mixing process.

Technical experts from Performance Additives took turns during the event touching on the roles and benefits of rubber compound processing, and also sharing methods to improve the mixing process, particularly for CR compounds.

At the event, Performance Additives also took the opportunity to introduce methods to improve silica compound mixing and the mixing sequence, but the highlight of their sharing came when they introduced DFR, a new generation of processing additives which integrates dispersion, flow and release properties in order to further improve the processing of new tyre materials.

Sin Rubtech, the manufacturer of polymer-bound pre-dispersed chemicals (PBPC), played a strong role in cooperating with Behn Meyer to solve problems in rubber mixing, especially the dispersion of rubber chemicals in open mills. At the seminar, Sin Rubtech introduced PBPC in EPDM and NBR compounds, demonstrating outstanding advantages over powdered chemicals.

Mr. K.P. Ho receives the award for the best International Presenter at the IOM3 Conference

During the IOM3 conference in South Africa, Mr. K.P. Ho, Performance Additives' technical director has presented PA's new product ULTRA-DFR™ 900, the first commercial product out of the new line ULTRA-DFR™ (Dispersion, Flow and Release). For this paper he received the award for the best international presenter. We congratulate KP for this excellent achievement.

IOM3 Conference in South Africa March 2017

Performance Additives attended the latest IOM3 Conference in South Africa. The conference attracted more than 100 delegates and was held at Khaya Ibhubesi (Place of the Lion) on the banks of the Vaal River near the lovely small town of Parys. Besides several of international and national speakers, a couple of students got the chance to present their work. The mix of papers was very well chosen and a benefit to all delegates. The side program was very well organised too. One of the main attractions was a feeding of the resort's own lions. Congratulations to the organisers of this fine event.